Our election results are in!

Fellow Educators,
I would like to thank you all for participating in this election/ratification.  We had the best participation ever, 90% of our membership voted!   That shows that we becoming more active as an association.
The results are in:
Our new Vice President is Naree Yang, it was a close vote and I would like to thank all of the candidates for putting themselves out there.
Our Tentative Agreement was ratified by our membership with 82% voting yes.
Yes 628
No   141
Thank you to all of those who came and helped our Elections Committee count ballots.
Adam Prince, Linda Mumbauer, Catalina Gonzales, Bonnie Price, Diana Simmons, Carly Searl, Jason Kallio, Joaquin Robinson, Kevin Michles, Evelyn Fountain and Gretchen Balisinski.
After discussing it with the District and running the numbers, we discovering that a separate check would be taxed at 40% . It was determined that it would be more beneficial for us to receive all of the compensation on Oct. 31st check.
Thank you again for your participation in the rallies and organizing activities, it definitely helped and changed the perspective of the District.  We will continue to organize so that teachers will become a pervasive voice in our profession and we reach a competitive wage for our area.
Thanks for all that you do,
Your Exec Board and Elections Committee
Val Verde Teachers’ Association

“Creating a Community of Educational Excellence”

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