Growth Mindset

Sometimes we all need a paradigm shift.  I know there are times my thoughts fall into the white cards and have to push myself to think more about growth.  What can we do to help train our students to get away from the Fixed Mindset?

Bringing more into the Profession

The following is a LA Times journal on getting more to join the profession of teaching.  We have had a 75% drop in college students going into teaching programs!  That’s scary.

Stop Talking About Teachers As If We’re Missionaries

We are professionals and need to act and deserve to be treated like ones.  We are not saints nor are we the demons that some would make us out to be.   We need to change the way we talk about our profession and change the way others view us.   We are human, make mistakes […]

Loan Forgiveness Presentation

Are your student loans overwhelming? If you have Stafford or Perkins loans and teach in a “high needs school” or “teacher shortage area”  (anywhere in VVUSD) you may be eligible for a portion of student loan forgiveness. PLEASE NOTE, if you have CONSOLIDATED your student loans you may not be eligible for forgiveness (we’ll discuss […]

Awesome Ideas to get more teachers into the profession!

 Re-establish CalTeach in order to help guide these new teachers through the process. Re-instate the APLE loan forgiveness program. Establish a paid internship for teachers. This makes sense to me, follow the links for more information.   Legislators challenge Sacramento to tackle teacher shortage

Board Notes from 02-02-2016

Board Notes 02-02-2016 Good evening, President Yarbrough, School board members, Superintendent McCormick, colleagues, and community members. Lately I have been reading a great book called Teacher Wars, it is a book about the ebb and flow of education and the battle that teachers have had to fight for years in order to assure our students […]

Ed. Dept. Gives States Guidance On How to Pare Back, Improve Tests

This is what we have been asking for all along! “Specifically, the department wants states and districts to ensure tests are: worth taking (as in not redundant); of high quality (can capture high-order thinking skills); time-limited; provide appropriate accommodations for students in special education and English-language learners; transparent (meaning parents under why kids are taking […]

School Board Meeting

Our president passionately speaking to the board about the need to put the money where it will help students most,  not into furniture.

A great PD opportunity through CTA

Teachers Teaching Teachers Instructional Leadership Corp. Saturday, February 20, 2016 from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM (PST) Fullerton, CA Check out the link below for some great Professional Development by teachers for teachers.

A Great Article about Teller and his teacher days.

Teller of Penn and Teller was a teacher before he became a magician.  The gist of it is, we all need to be performers of a sort in order to engage our students.