Chronic Absentee Problem

Education American schools have a chronic absentee problem By Joe Heim September 6 If showing up is half the battle, a lot of American schoolchildren are in trouble. A new analysis of data collected by the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights from the 2013-14 school year shows that more than 6.5 million students, or […]

Great Quote!

I heard this in a presentation today, I think this applies to almost every aspect of our lives where we use data. It is from the perspective of a Growth Mindset and where we need to go in education.  How can we apply this in our classrooms and our sites?

Teachers Divided Over Controversial ‘No-Zero’ Grading Policy

The following is an article on “no-zero” grading policy.  What do you think?  Take a look at the comments by using the link to go to the NEA Today article. BY TIM WALKER A small but growing number of school districts have implemented new grading systems that ban grades of less than 50% – the so-called […]

CTA Member’s Benefits!

CTA has many ways to help off set the cost of our membership dues.  There are many programs that CTA offers that can save you money you can’t anywhere else.  Please check out the video for more information.

RAFT OPEN For Extended Hours

          Our Resource Area For Teachers will be open for extended hours today, Wednesday and Thursday.  Today we will be open from noon till 5 and the rest of the week we will be open from 2-5.  Check out our raft page for more information .

Grant Opportunities for Teachers

NEA works at finding grants for teachers, here are a few that we took from their NEA Foundation page.  The application deadline is soon, so go for it and if you get it, tell us and we will share your success! FirstEnergy’s STEM Classroom Grants support classroom projects and teacher professional development initiatives focusing on science, technology, […]

4 of Our Scholarship Recipients

Each year VVTA gives over $5,000 to our seniors.  I would like to thank our scholarship committee, especially Dr. Doering.  I would also like to thank all of the parents, educators and staff that helped these students reach their goals.  Below are our recipients and the field of study they are going into.  Congratulations and […]

When Educators Cheat, Students Suffer

Published Online at : April 26, 2016 Published in Print: April 27, 2016, as Cheating in N.Y.C., Ga. Found to Hurt Students Tabeeka Jordan, a former assistant principal in Atlanta public schools, is led to a holding cell after she was found guilty in the school system’s test-cheating trial last year, along with […]

The Teacher Hazing Ritual

This is a thought provoking article.  We will be getting many new teachers in the next 5 years when our current experienced teachers retire.  What do you think should be done for our new teachers?  By the Association?  By the District?  By the Site? By Robert Pondiscio 04/18/2016 We are all familiar with the […]

Teacher Shortage Bill is in Congress    Teacher Shortage Is Target of Bill in Congress from Reps. Hanna, Takano By Andrew Ujifusa on April 18, 2016 5:52 PM A new bipartisan bill in Congress is designed to address the national teacher shortage—assuming you think that there is one—by making it easier for educators to get forgiveness from higher education loans. […]

It’s Carnival Time! Come to our April GMM

You asked for it, so we are providing it.  We have made sure that our General Membership Meetings have rotated to different days in the week and we have made this one family friendly!  Please come out for great information, to celebrate our retirees, the end of the year and to have some family fun.  […]

School Board Meeting

Toni Harris,  Micki Gates and Albert Trudel talking passionately to the board about keeping subs in the classrooms,  revamping the Curriculum Council, having less administrators at the district office  and collaborating more on the LCAP.